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Projects and Status

    Project Catalog

    Electronic Office
    Word Processor/Office suite
    	Open software word processors are designed to encourage 
    expansion to native languages.  
    	We do need Unix programmers to incorporate Basic into 
    the spell checkers and dictionaries.  
    	Some of the these open software projects are :
    	OpenOffice  Our spellchecker works well and
    		 translation in "beta".
    	Abisoft - open source project
            One (EasyOffice) - encourages new languages. 
    	KOffice - Unix Suite, now has Windows.
    	WitchDesk - legacy Win 3. - Stig
    	Other ??  
     Spell Check: -   Jim
    	Complete, ver 3. This is the Basic words, derivatives,
                    compound and international words plus OOo/s capitalized 
    	proper nouns.  It works in all versions of OpenOffice.org. 
           The Spell-check for OOo uses HunSpell/MySPELL, 
    	so our wordlist will work with other spell checkers.
    	Simple English = Basic + 1000 Most Frequent
    	Other Word Processors/Office Suits to go:
    	OpenOffice - Open  projects ,
    	Abisoft , KOffice  , One) (was EasyOffice) , , more.
            Dictionary - Jim
                    This list is to translate from standard English to Basic gives 
    	meanings for 48,000 words.  Immediately usable with IDP 
    	Companion software.  See Read IDP and download.  
    	Ready for integration into a word processor package. 
         IDP to Dictionary
    	Heinrich's program to convert from Internet Dictionary
    	 Project format to The DICT Development Group format 
    	as used with 11 online dictionaries (dict.org), which in 
    	turn is used by Mozilla and other software.  
    	The Basic Dictionary should be the 12th online dictionary.
            Firefox Browser -- extensions to address adding dictionaries..
            Unix software volunteers needed ! Same list as above.
    	Version 7 is the most recent version translation dictionary, stable since v.5.
                    The translations are being expanded in layers.
            Thesaurus Advanced translation activities need a project.
    DARPA Translation and Natural Language Processing Software: Internet Dictionary Project - stand alone translator. Ready and expanding. Centerpiece of our e-office efforts OpenOffice Suite uses our spell checking wordlist. Thesaurus, suggest replacement words -- integration volunteer needed. BasicBot - Artificial Intelligence - FAQ, teaching - open Extente, BTRSPL - Alan Knowledge-translator - Steve Others - Open Basic Translator -- Robin.   imminent, Alpha tests - Oct'12.
    Learning Basic English
      Resources for Basic English
        Teaching media - Michael
            Basic Bibliography
        Artificial Intelligence - Chris
        Sources of modern texts - open
        Basic English Words through Pictures - open
            Animation, Pronunciation are available for volunteers, too.
            Then a full teaching text using words in sentences.
        Panopticon, Word Wheel, sentence builder --
        Ogden's cardboard tool computerized for learners.
      Games for Learning Basic
    Language in Basic English
        Basic English into Danish - Stig (42 pages)
        Basic English into Russian - Stig, 42 pages.
    Basic English Education
    Basic English Phonetics
    • Phonetics Menu - Jack
      A phonetic system with conversion from Basic to Phonetic and the reverse. Developed for purposes of rhyming.
      Useful for teaching pronunciation.
    • Rhyme Groups -- let the verse begin. - Websafe Studio.
    • See Phonetic spelling. under 21st Century.
    21st Century
I'm very impressed by your site ; there is lots and lots of care evident.
Words are defined with other words.
I am playing with the idea of representing or structuring intelligent meaning in machine useable form, probably as a component of a more elaborate system.
Can you please tell me if you know of anyone who might have done work with dictionary source content and neural networks to create machine understandable English context?
Thank you for you consideration of my request.
Terry April 2003
Good, better, best
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
And your better is best!