(my examples page)
<PRE> shows exactly what I typed, just like a type writerm
but I have to put in carriage return with the Enter key or
my text will go off the screen.  Note that PRE will accept 
spaces        whereas HTML normally only allow one space.  
PRE starts and stops by putting a blank line.</PRE>
This is a normal sentence.
This is a Bold sentence.
This is an Italic sentence.
This is an Underlined sentence.
This is a Bold Italic Underlined sentence.
This is a Bold Italic Underlined sentence.
Tomorrow I will learn Strike through, TeleType (monospace) , and Qutoe marks,

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4 -- Headings add blank lines before and after.

Heading 5
Heading 6

<BR> Break = skip to next line. The browser will automatically wrap the text as required by the page size of each reader's browser screen. This means you do not have to preformat with "enter" for each line. Breaks do not need a stop tag. Two breaks means
  1. go to the next line, then
  2. go to the next line. i.e. skip a line.
Once you have all the <BR> lines done right, you can remove the <PRE> and </PRE> tags --
	or move them to another part of your web page.

Horizontal Rule means draw a line across the page.
I will learn to make colored lines next time. <HR color=green>
    Ordered List = indent to be ready to auto number the lines
  1. <LI> numbered Line Item
  2. <LI> More numbered Line Items. </OL>


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