(web page)
Always have a link to your home page.  People may link into your
web page from a search engine and they will need you to tell them where to 
find your home page.  Link to other web pages of possible interest 
to the reader.

Put the URL on the bottom of the web page so that when somebody prints
your page they will know where it came from.

Put a date and what the last change was about (in 3 or 4 words).

If you want people to e-mail, put an ENCRYPTED return address.

To consider people use slow dialup modems : do not exceed page size of 32K bytes.

Separate !, ;, :, ? to make them show up !  These symbols are not easy
to see on web pages.

Check your web pages for HTML errors at -- http://validator.w3.org/
Or download CSE HTML Validator Lite

Likely errors :
Unbalanced quotes.  Note, single and double quotes are different symbols.
Forget the / in a stop tag.
Not save after changes or not reload to see the changes.
Misspelled URL or tag
Assumed wrong path
  Don't forget to put "http://" before an internet address.